Bon Ton: Where the meat is the hero

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Bon Ton Meat Market

Project Overview

Bon Ton Meat Market has been known as one of the best places to shop in Calgary, Alberta for quality meat and dairy since the 1920s. At the core of their business is great customer service and the best products — elegantly displayed.

Cayuga Displays understands that the product is the hero and, with that in mind, we developed a series of refrigerated showcases that put the product front and center. With an understanding of the specific needs of the client, we installed a refrigeration system that contributed to increased sales (18-20% year over year) and reduced shrinkage.

After continued success with their new displays, Bon Ton recently moved to a larger location to meet the increased demand for their products. We like to humbly think Cayuga Displays played a role in that success!

It is imperative that we have the best refrigerated showcase to display and maintain the freshness of our food. Since we have installed [Cayuga Displays] showcases, our sales have maintained a 18-20% increase; and our product shrink has gone down. The return on our investment was 18 months.

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