Longo’s: Decadent bakery, chocolate & floral displays

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Project Overview

Longo’s has a reputation for high-quality in-store baked goods, decadent chocolates and freshly picked flowers. To uphold that reputation, they asked for a system of displays that met the specific needs of each product category, while building on the premium in-store experience they are known for. These displays needed to perform within very specific guidelines set by Longo's to keep their products looking beautiful and fresh.

Cayuga Displays worked closely with their refrigeration equipment and service provider as well as the Longo’s team to develop a line of custom displays that combined specific refrigeration requirements with beautiful and versatile cases. The systems were initially tested and refined in a limited number of stores before being rolled out to dozens of other stores across Canada.

To Longo’s delight, these new custom systems were done within their established budget and are now available to easily order for any of their stores.

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Key Features

  • Compatible with current CO2 refrigeration systems
  • Optimal preservation of product
  • High capacity
  • Elegant design
Longo's is pleased to support Cayuga Displays.\_Your team’s quick service/turnaround for projects has helped us with our millwork for bakery and floral in past projects.\_ More recently your team has come up with some cost effective refrigeration solutions for our bakery, deli and produce.\_

More Case Studies