Hot Oven Bakery: Inspired by fashion

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Hot Oven Bakery

Project Summary

Hot Oven Bakery fired up their ovens and opened their doors in 1957. They now have five locations in the Greater Toronto Area's most sought-after neighbourhoods, serving freshly baked bread, pastries, cookies, cakes as well as their traditional savoury pies and quiches.

When Hot Oven Bakery was planning to update their stores, they were looking for a detail-oriented manufacturer who would be able to deliver highly functional displays that would best showcase their high-quality bakery products. Cayuga was selected, as we were able to provide Hot Oven with custom millwork that eliminated the need for an additional supplier and ensured a continuous design and consistent finishes.

Soon into our relationship our sales team noticed a single possible point of entry...a standard 32" door frame. The challenge worked to everyone's advantage. Cayuga proposed 32" deep jewellery-style dry and refrigerated cases that not only reflected the chic edge Hot Oven Bakery was looking for, but they were also designed to look full and encourage fast product turnover while dramatically reducing shrink.

Hot Oven also opted for our one-piece glass design instead of a traditional jewellery case. These custom, low-maintenance cases retained the chic, fashion-inspired look the client was looking for, but dramatically elevated the product presentation.


  • Custom cases & millwork
  • Fashion-inspired one-piece jewellery-style cases
  • Designed to encourage turn over & reduce shrink

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