Fresh St. Market: redefining "fresh" in B.C.

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Fresh St. Market

Project Overview

Fresh St. Market in British Columbia is a unique grocery store with a vision to bring fresh local food as well as unique food-related finds to their customers. Cayuga Displays partnered up with their design firm to bring that vision to life and develop a custom display system for their bakery, produce and floral departments.

All of the new fixtures were designed with the aim to combine a market rustic with industrial aesthetic to best reflect their brand, and to reinforce their reputation as a great local source for the “tastiest, freshest foods.” After all, they pride themselves in being a food wonderland!

We had the opportunity to use video conferencing throughout the project to closely collaborate with a design team located across the country — helping keep costs down. With the help of one of our best project managers, the distance did not stop anyone from being able to deliver an exciting project on time and on budget.

Key Features

  • Custom rustic/industrial construction
  • Versatile displays
  • Flexible, yet consistent design across stores
  • Elevated ease of self-service
  • Bump out features in produce displays

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