Sobeys: Interlocking higher quality displays

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Project Overview

As Canada’s second largest grocer, Sobeys needs to deliver an exceptional customer experience in all their stores, consistent with their excellent brand. When some of their fixtures were due for an upgrade, Sobeys contacted Cayuga Displays in search of a higher-quality replacement.

The Sobeys team worked in close collaboration with us in determining the best modular solutions that differed in shapes and sizes – without losing personality – that could be rolled out across stores. We were able to design a versatile modular system with a gorgeous exterior made from the highest quality wood. The inside shells were made with more cost-effective, yet extremely durable materials, making this a great option to incorporate across a large number of stores.

Because the products are, of course, the stars of the show, Cayuga and Sobeys worked together diligently to ensure they would be given the spotlight they deserve with each display.

Six stores have now been successfully fitted with the smart new displays, and many more are on their way!

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Key Features

  • Interlocking modular units
  • Adjustable leveling with removable base kick
  • High-quality wood exteriors
Cayuga Displays is a long standing strategic vendor for some of our key Sobeys banners and has consistently exceeded expectations in delivering functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing fixtures...We look forward to further enhancing our retail profile in the Canadian marketplace and we expect Cayuga Displays to play an integral role in our growth.

More Case Studies