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We’ve made it our business to understand the retail food customer – their traffic flow habits, shopping behaviors, design preferences and product demands. Our displays and fixtures are meticulously designed and manufactured to address your customer and your business. From the specialized needs of bakery, deli, floral and produce departments to the myriad display needs throughout your entire store, we have the products and expertise in every food category.

Custom, yet cost-effective

Involvement with Cayuga starts with your unique retail space and the brand image you want to deliver. We focus on finding out about your unique needs, customer base and goals. We can then offer insightful, cost-effective recommendations to bring your brand to life – and ensure you gain the ROI you’re looking for.

Food display for every retail space

We’re accustomed to working with independent proprietors as much as with a large project team, liaising with designers, planners, merchandisers and/or purchasers. From design to delivery, you’ll find our own processes are structured around your business.

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A History of food celebration

Cayuga Displays has been in the business of retail food presentation since 1980. We’ve seen the explosion of consumer interest in gourmet, healthy and prepared foods. It’s always an exciting industry to be in where the daily ritual of food purchasing is elevated to a captivating, delightful experience!

Longevity in this fast-changing business means being responsive. So we keep our focus on meeting your needs while embracing innovation, growth and creativity. We’re always in pursuit of new ideas, emerging trends and better ways to help you. Expanding our product catalogue and the materials available. Increasing our customizing capabilities. Improving the flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness of products. And of course, maintaining a skilled team that takes pride in the growth of their craft.

It’s all about providing you with the display products to engage and delight your customers. Because we know that enticing food presentation and a beautiful shopping environment will move product and keep customers coming back. And you need nothing less in today’s highly competitive, demanding market.

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