Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your olive bar

Posted in Specialty Foods Written by Chris Schotsman

Have you ever travelled to the Mediterranean? The whole area has an exotic allure, with old-country architecture, fascinating history and culture, pristine beaches and, of course, mouth-watering food. Olives are a staple there, but they’re becoming more and more popular here, too, with more varieties than I can count.

As a result, olive bars are becoming more and more popular as well in grocery stores around North America. Or are they Mediterranean bars? There’s an important, and simple, distinction between olive bars and Mediterranean bars: olive bars are just olives, while Mediterranean bars have olives along with many other antipasto delights and complementary foods such as crackers, baguettes, oils, breads and vinegars. When all presented together, it gives customers an opportunity to pair things together and, ultimately, buy more.

I’d like to share a few more ideas and thoughts we’ve had at Cayuga Displays when it comes to olive and Mediterranean bars:

  • Olives are a healthy snack: People are tending to eat smaller meals these days, but snack more frequently, so healthy snacking is important. Make sure customers consider olives among their snack options, which is easier to do when you have a Mediterranean bar with olives alongside other healthy snacks.

  • Make it stand out: An attractive and easy to access olive or Mediterranean bar puts the products front and centre, showcasing the freshness and desirability of the products. If they were simply on a shelf or in stuck in a refrigerated case with many other products, visibility would become an issue.

  • When customers serve, you save: A self-service bar means your employees can save time for other important tasks, and it can also mean less wait time for the customer compared to having to order olives at the deli counter.

  • Let customers mix and match: When all of your olives are priced the same, it gives customers a chance to mix different varieties together and possibly try new ones, which they’ll come back for in the future if they enjoy the new flavours.

  • Make it a learning experience: People like to learn about their food, particularly when it comes to exotic foods and flavours. Use the bar as an opportunity to teach them about the different varieties. Small signage can quickly list origins, health benefits and foods that pair well. You could even include preparation tips to use when entertaining, like serving warm olives with rosemary to bring out the flavour.

If a trip to the Mediterranean isn’t in the cards in your near future, why not bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your store? If done right – and we at Cayuga Displays can help you do just that – it can not only help you sell more olives and foods that pair well with them, but also bring some of that exotic Mediterranean allure that can spread word of mouth and entice customers to come back.

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