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How Pusateri's is Changing Produce Shopping

Posted in Innovation Written by Chris Schotsman

Since the dawn of humanity, the easiest way for us to gather food has been to pick fruit and vegetables from trees, bushes and out of the ground. After all, there's no bothersome — and potentially dangerous — hunting involved. As a result, to this day the produce section of a grocery store is arguably its most important. Consider this: according to Food Marketing Institute's (FMI) The Power of Produce 2017 report, the produce section penetrates 99% of homes, 86% of consumers make impulse produce purchases, and 58% are lured by attractive displays.

Sure, most grocery retailers pay close attention to their produce section, but Pusateri's Fine Foods has gone above and beyond to turn an everyday task into a luxurious sensory experience... and we were chosen to help them!

Here are some takeaways from working with Pusateri's:

##Outstanding experiences begin with outstanding products

The product is king. That is why Pusateri's starts their day at 3:30 a.m. That's when an experienced team of buyers select the finest fruits and vegetables from the Ontario Food Terminal, which are then quickly delivered and displayed at their six luxurious stores across the Greater Toronto Area. All of their produce offerings are fresh and are regularly monitored to ensure only the best are presented.

##Appearance is everything

An expert merchandiser arranges the produce on custom refrigerated or dry island displays, designed to highlight the product and complement Pusateri's luxury atmosphere and marble floors. The materials and finishes of the displays were selected and tested to allow the colours of the fruits and vegetables to stand out, improving the sensory aspects of the shopping experience.

##Passionate staff help elevate the experience

Pusateri's has served the Toronto area for over 50 years, priding itself on fresh, high-quality food offerings, and personal service. They have a passion for ensuring that their customers eat well — and they do this empowering their staff to help customers make more informed choices when shopping. Unlike most retailers, Pusateri's has a "produce butcher" who is an expert on fruits and vegetables. The produce butcher masterfully chops, peels and dices customers' selections right before their eyes!

Beyond the theatre and convenience, the added emphasis on a genuine customer care results in more customers repeatedly investing in quality produce. A report from the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) shows about three-quarters of consumers are regularly buying a fruit or vegetable today that they weren’t five years ago, such as bok choy and kale.

This news is good for customers as well as for Pusateri's!

At Cayuga Displays, we keep our ears to the ground for exciting trends. We innovate. And we apply all of this to create displays that will help our clients serve their customers even better. If that sounds like the kind of service you're looking for, or if you have a question, please give us a call at 800.839.5336.

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