How to Make the Most of Your Floral Department

Posted in Displays Written by Chris Schotsman

Flowers have a way of connecting with consumers on a visceral level, flooding their brains with a deluge of happy chemicals and setting the stage for a gratifying shopping experience.

Flowers have a positive effect on peoples’ moods and perceptions. Whether you’re walking into a friend’s home, an upscale hotel or the local grocery store, being welcomed by a display of beautiful, fresh flowers sets the tone for the entire visit.

Having a strong floral strategy is a useful marketing tool that will let your store shine in a competitive marketplace. The visual appeal of your floral department — and where it’s located — is extremely important if you’re looking to increase sales, boost the perception of your brand and attract loyal customers.

Welcome customers with a burst of fresh color

Placing your floral department at the front of the store sends an unmistakable message to consumers about the quality and freshness of the products in your store, so make sure it shines! If the flowers are obviously past their prime, or displayed in a haphazard and sloppy manner, it could seriously damage your store’s image.

A well-designed and welcoming display can create a positive shopping experience for the customer, making them feel valued and appreciated by the grocer. It also inspires people and sends the message that fresh florals are an affordable luxury — even though consumers are being more careful about spending their money, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to indulge now and then.


Encourage sales with a bold display

Before the pandemic, people’s perception of “grocery store flowers” wasn’t that positive and for important purchases, they were more likely to go to a flower shop. But when grocery stores became the only place to purchase fresh flowers, that perception began to change.

Now, picking up a bouquet from the grocery store isn’t always an impulse buy or a last-minute purchase by a frantic shopper who forgot to pick up a gift for Mother’s Day.

By creating a bold, fresh display, you’re sending the message that you’re serious about flowers and offer quality blooms for reasonable prices. But grocery stores offer something traditional florist shops can’t… the opportunity to grab a meal and get your grocery shopping done at the same time.

Flexibility in floral merchandising is key

The demand for fresh flowers is cyclical in nature and comes in waves. There is huge demand around most of the major holidays and events, such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Demand is fairly flat during the summer months since people are spending more time outside and see flowers every time they step outside the door.

That’s why flexibility in floral merchandising is key. Flexible displays, such as nesting tables and pedestal tables give you the ability to adjust your display as often as you wish, adapting it to meet shifting demands.

At Cayuga, we take flexibility to the next level, since all of our displays are modular and come in various sizes and a host of display options such as tiered shelving, stepped displays, refrigerated displays and floral tables with pull-out drawers. You even have the option to add a galvanized metal top and bumpers to your floral tables to protect them from water damage.


Tips to keep your floral department fresh and inviting

  • Source from reliable suppliers — Grocers should source their flowers from reliable suppliers to ensure they are of the best quality when they arrive at the store. Choose local suppliers when possible to support the community and offer the freshest product possible.
  • Store flowers at the correct temperature — Our refrigerated displays are designed to maintain the temperature of the floral water within the display at a range of 40-41°F (5°C) with an ambient atmosphere of 75°F (24°C)/55% humidity — optimum for keeping flowers fresh.
  • Proper handling and care — Train staff to handle and care for the flowers properly to avoid bruising or damaging the petals. Flowers should be checked regularly to ensure freshness, removing any that are past their prime.
  • Make the colors pop — We recommend your refrigerated displays have a black finish to make the colors of the flowers look vibrant and fresh.
  • Take advantage of cross-merchandising opportunities — Make it easy for customers to get what they need by displaying complementary merchandise along with your floral offerings. This could include using shelving for vases, pottery, soil, etc. Even chocolate and wine (if permitted in your area) could be incorporated into your display or placed nearby.

From the moment they walk through the doors, people gauge the kind of experience they expect to have from your store. By designing and maintaining attractive and appealing floral displays, grocers can attract loyal customers, boost sales and enhance your brand’s image.

At Cayuga, we’re always looking to help our customers grow their businesses by attracting and retaining loyal customers through their in-store displays. Have a challenging layout? Is space an issue? Reach out to us and we’ll work with you until you have a display that you can be proud of.

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