Maximize Product Appeal in Your Grocery Store

How products are displayed plays a crucial role in shaping the overall "feel" of a grocery store. The choices you make convey a direct message to the consumer, influencing their perception and affecting their purchasing decisions.

Premium display units have the remarkable ability to create an upscale and sophisticated atmosphere in your store, making the shopping experience feel special. Whether it's a gondola shelving unit, taco bar or other specialty display, well-designed display cases highlight your merchandise while adding a touch of elegance and professionalism to your store. In this article, we will explore how to use display cases to elevate specific products in your store.

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Materials and finish

Use high-quality materials in your display fixtures to convey a sense of luxury and durability. Opt for premium materials like glass, wood, or metal for shelves, stands or product holders. Avoid cheap or flimsy materials that can downgrade the perceived value of your products.

At Cayuga Displays, all of our cases are made of premium materials and come in a variety of colors and finishes, which can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Design and aesthetics

Premium display units typically have sleek, modern designs and may include elements like LED lighting, adjustable shelves or innovative product presentation. In contrast, display units with a basic or outdated design, cluttered appearance or lack of attention to detail can make high-end merchandise feel like discounted fare.

Be sure to use display cases that strengthen your brand, using your brand’s colors and aesthetics. For example, we used our most up-to-date display cases and fixtures to help our client, Goodness Me!, equip their new stores. Many of the fixtures we used were developed specifically for this brand to complement their healthy living offerings and brand image.

Shelving and organization

The way products are displayed and organized on the shelves can also impact the store's feel. The display should have adequate shelving, with ample space between products. It should also be organized, with products that are easily accessible to shoppers, as well as employees. Overcrowding the shelves, stacking products haphazardly or not displaying enough stock makes products far less appealing to customers.

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Lighting plays a significant role in how customers perceive items in a grocery store. Premium display units use carefully positioned and focused lighting to showcase products and create a welcoming atmosphere. This improves the visibility and attractiveness of premium items.

Check out this previously written post for more information on how lighting can influence shoppers.

Custom design

If you want to elevate the products in your store, along with your store’s reputation, you need to think beyond standard shelving and display options. Here are a few examples:

  • We worked with the team from Pasquier to create custom displays that matched the quality, aesthetic and features they wanted for their salad and soup bars and produce tables.
  • For Freson Bros’ new Rabbit Hill location, we supplied a large portion of their specialty cases, including a combination hot/cold food bar, grab and go cases, bakery cases and more. We also created a custom display to showcase their in-store made honey!
  • Nature's Emporium hired us to design and manufacture a system of dry and refrigerated units for their food offerings and natural cosmetics. And Because they only sell premium products, their displays had to reflect a high level of quality.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

In today's competitive retail landscape, displaying your products can make all the difference in capturing customers' attention and driving engagement. A well-executed product display can encourage customers to explore further, make a purchase and even become repeat buyers.

An eye-catching feature wall, an elegant display table or a mouthwatering food bar can draw attention to these products, making them feel luxurious and highly desirable.

Advertisers have always known that it’s not about the steak… it’s about the sizzle. This is also true when selling products in-store to your customers. When you inject excitement and interest into their in-store experience, the more they’ll spend at your store — and the more loyal they’ll become.

If you’d like to pick our brains about how to elevate the products in your store and create some buzz and excitement, book a consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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