Farm Boy: It’s all about the food

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Project Summary

What do you do when half of your business model is threatened to dry up, virtually overnight? This is what Farm Boy faced when COVID hit. Fresh and prepared foods with in-store dining are the two key models for Farm Boy’s business. Just as we were awarded the contract to supply the salad and hot food bars, COVID hit. Farm Boy came to us to help: what can we do to support a new plan? We listened and re-worked our foodbars from a back-to-back, self-service model to a complete island serviced by staff. Quite easily done with our flexible and modular design.

Okay — but what about the future when we can go back to self-service? How will that work? Again, we listened and came up with a concept of a convertible sneezeguard: service to self-service. This concept was tested and improved upon to give Farm Boy the model they needed to be successful, considering the times. Prepared foods continue to be strong, all while they continue their aggressive expansion plan.

  • Quick response to COVID
  • Convertible service / self-service sneezeguard
  • Modular design, easily reconfigured for multiple layouts

More Case Studies